Questions that Go Through a Buyers Mind and Could Stop you from Selling that House

Stephanie Sellers - Saturday, February 09, 2013

Buyers have many choices on a home and will consider the following factors when determining if the home you are offering is the right home for them.

  1. Will my Favorite piece of furniture fit here?  Correct dimensions available to buyers, de cluttered home, and large furniture removed all are good ideas to consider when staging your home to SELL.  Overcome the feeling of “there’s not enough room” that buyers may have.
  2. “What will we do with this space?”...Don’t leave odd shaped rooms or nooks left unstaged.  Show that all square footage in your property is usable and the odd shapes and nooks not only add character to the property but also give you unusual and creative spaces.
  3. “What were the Sellers thinking with these walls?”  Don’t distract buyers with over creative wall finishes such as sponging, bright colors or wall paper.  Neutral and warm are inviting to potential buyers and give them the feeling that this could be their home.
  4. “What’s in the area?” You and your Realtor should come up with a list of nearby attractions such as schools, entertainments, churches etc...So that the buyers needs are met with a glance.  Do not leave it up to a potential buyer to investigate the area; they may not have the time.
  5. “How much will my mortgage payment be?”  It is important to work with an agent who is partnered with a strong lender.  As a team they will develop a price scenario sheet for your property.  This relieves the potential buyer’s fear of a payment they cannot afford.

All of these questions and more do go through a potential buyers mind while shopping for homes.   The more prepared you are the better chances you will have to sell your home quickly and at the price you desire

Source:  Trulia 1/25/2013


Since 2006: Builders Haven't Felt This Confident

Stephanie Sellers - Saturday, February 09, 2013

Builder confidence is at its highest point since 2006!  For 8 straight months the market has risen.  

Many factors contribute to this trend such as low interest rates, a shrinking inventory of distressed properties (Short Sales and Foreclosures).  Serious buyers are out in numbers that haven’t been seen since April 2006.

What could this mean for you?  The basic principal of economics is supply and demand.  As sales increase and inventory shrinks contractors (roofers, framers, plumbers etc) will require higher prices as well as manufacturers of building supplies.  The increase will then be passed on to buyers.  Low interest rates are expected to remain through 2013 however the increase in sales price could affect your payment.

Mortgage lenders still have tight lending practices.  It is important to speak with a qualified Real Estate Consultant to insure you are aware of current market trends and lenders who offer construction loans.

Source:  Los Angeles Times MONEY & Co,0,725691.story