The New Construction Housing Market is on FIRE in Richmond Virginia

Stephanie Sellers - Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Reports and economic figures guesstimate that 2013 would be a great year for builders.  It is March 6, 2013 and neighborhoods in Chesterfield, Va that permitted 21 homes last year have already permitted for 16 this year!  That is an increase from 2 to be built sales a month to almost 2 a week!  That is amazing.

Many factors are contributing to this boom in New Construction Housing.  A desire to take advantage of extremely low interest rates while buyers can, (they increased a quarter of a point last week), Taking advantage of builder incentives while they are still around. and also keeping in mind with Sales like this contractors, builders and materials prices will surely rise.

This is good news for the overall housing market and the builder who has been able to survive the last 4 years may thrive in this year and upcoming years.  

If you own a home and are considering selling this is also good news for you.  There is a lack of re sale home inventory and the new construction rise will also raise prices of existing homes.  The Richmond Virginia Housing Market is overall up in price and sales.  Should selling and/or buying be on your mind I would love to help.


Thank you to Freshome for the pictures and staying current with HomeTrends :)

5 Staging Tips to Help You SELL That Home!

Stephanie Sellers - Wednesday, February 13, 2013
  1. De Clutter: Clean off those kitchen counters, Take all magnets and pictures off of the Refrigerator, Clean your closets.  Feel free to pack up clothes that are out of season.  Think about how model homes look there is absolutely No clutter.
  2. Replace old hardware:  Broken lighting, rusty doorknobs, doors that don’t lock.  This will spruce up the home and give it that new feel.
  3. Lighten Up:  Insure your rooms are bright with new lighting, cleaning windows and scrubbing walls.  People like bright clean homes.
  4. Paint:  If the walls leading up the stairwell show years of tiny finger prints it’s time to paint.  A neutral warm color works best to meet everyone’s taste.
  5. Curb Appeal:  First impressions are the most important.  You want a potential buyer to gasp with pleasure when they pull up in front of your property.  Insure leaves are removed, grass is green and cut and mulch beds as needed. Doors are very important you want buyers to feel welcome so insure it is not faded and the color is fresh. Is your mailbox missing a door or a little rusty? Clean it up too.  Curb appeal is a very important aspect of selling your home. and Trulia