Off the Grid?

Stephanie Sellers - Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Solar Panel Sales Companies are reporting a spike in recent sales.  The cost of a whole house solar panel powered is significant however with the ease of mind it brings people are turning towards this type of energy production.

Large acreage with water, well and septic and solar panel energy is becoming a popular concept.  Some don't care to pay higher energy cost associated with the lack of coal and the taxes put upon energy.  Some fear that storms could knock out their electricity for an extended period.  Recent turns in the weather warrant such concerns with Hurricanes and Earth Quakes becoming the norm in areas that once never saw such activity.  For instance NJ months after the horrific storm of the century many are still doing without.  Moving further inland on large tracts that are self sufficient is becoming a trend.

Some folks are even venturing into organic farming enjoying teaching their children about gardening and living much like everyone did in the 50's.

Is this the way you envision yourself?  If so I can help with recommendations of local energy experts and land sales in the Richmond Virginia Metro area Give me a call at 804-514-9942 and visit often for tips on home ownership and buying in the area!