How Long Does it Take to Build a Home in Richmond Virginia?

How long it takes to build a home in Richmond Virginia depends on many variables.  Will you be building a home with a basement?  Has the home been started?  What size is the home?

You can expect about 6 to 9 months depending on if the home is already started and if the permit is already ordered.   Picking out a plan and picking out selections to go in that home such as roofing, siding, carpet or hardwoods, countertops and appliances depends on you.  If you are pretty sure of what you would like in a home it will make the process a little quicker.  If you have many changes and require a few extra meetings to finalize your choices it could lengthen the process.  Also a basement can add about a month to build time depending on the weather.  You cant dig a basement if it has been a wet cycle, you want to dig the basement in dryer conditions.  

Sometimes a Builder has chosen a plan and already permitted it as a Speculation home.  If you choose that option and maybe come in soon enough to pick out selection items such as color and textile choices then that process will go a little quicker as the plans have been drawn and submitted to the county.

There are many different avenues to choose when buying a New Home.  Please feel free to reach out to get specific answers to your unique situation


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